Our Lady of the Angels Church stands out as our architectural gem and has received the prestigious first prize for architectural design. You are welcome to join us for Sunday Mass at 11 a.m.


having an event at our lady of the angels

Our Lady of the Angels is not a parish. However, it has permission to celebrate the sacraments. 

If you wish to celebrate a sacrament at Our Lady of the Angels, please call (+502) 5053.3636 or e-mail us at iglesia.valle.angeles@gmail.com and please indicate:  the type of event, requested date and time of the event, and the name and phone number of the person responsible for the event.

Even though we provide a certificate for weddings and baptisms, the official registering is done at the end of the year at San Mateo Apóstol Parish: Aldea El Pajón, Santa Catarina Pinula. Phone: (+502) 6634.6787

As our Church is sustained by donations, a voluntary offering for events is suggested. However, the amount of the offering is left to your discretion. You may give your offering in cash or as a check to "Valle de los Ángeles".

Sacrament celebration Requirements


Coordinate in advance the readings and details of the sacrament celebration with the priest who will preside it.

Witnesses and God Parents must be married in the Catholic Church (and provide their certificate) or be single baptized catholics. 

Provide proof of having received the sacrament's preparation (from any parish, we don't offer them).



Mandatory: Proof of having received the First Communion preparation 

Bring a white candle, preferably the same one used in the children’s baptism.

The child to go to confession.


Baptisms will be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of the month, after the 11 A.M. mass.

Birth certificate of the Child to be baptized (original or copy).

Mandatory: Proof of having received the baptism preparation for parents and godparents (from any parish, yet we don't offer it).

Full name of both parents, and of both god parents. 

Bring a white candle and a small white towel to the baptismal ceremony.

Dress the child in white.

Name and phone of the person that will pick up the baptismal certificate.


Permission from San Mateo Apóstol Parish, obtained by presenting: the baptism and confirmation certificates of the bride and groom; certificates of marriage of the godparents; permission from the bride's and groom's parish to wed at Our Lady of the Angels.

Mandatory: Proof of having received the marriage preparation (from any parish, we don't offer it).

Copy of the bride and groom's IDs, and of their civil marriage certificate.

Full name of the witnesses.

For the corresponding wedding book registry, provide: Full name, age, birth date, origin (department and municipality), parish affiliation, mother's full name and presiding priest's full name.

Name and phone of the person that will pick up the wedding certificate.

important DEtails


Valley of the Angels has a girl choir directed by the Franciscan Sisters. They can sing in your event upon request, as long as it doesn't interfere with their activities. Offering: Q200.


The church has 6 rows of 17 pews that can each fit 4 people comfortably. It has a capacity for approximately 400 people.


If none of the Our Lady of the Angels priests are available, it is an option to have another priest celebrate the sacrament. In this case, a copy of the priest's valid ecclesial license to celebrate mass must be provided in advance, at the time of confirming the event. The priest's full name and his parish's address and phone number must also be provided.



We have 4 artificial flower arrangements, which can be used upon request. You can also bring your own floral arrangements, in which case you must coordinate in advance for someone to open the Church for you. Please provide the contact information of the person or company responsible so they can be granted access.

Note: It is forbidden to use glue, tape of any kind or staples on the pews. It is recommended not to use candles, but if necessary they must have a base that's wide enough to avoid the wax falling on the benches or floor. Such decoration must be previously authorized by Valley of the Angels under the event coordinator's responsibility.

Note: After any celebration, the Church must be left clean. We don't take responsibility for lost, stolen or misuse of decoration items left in the church after the ceremony. In case of damage to the Church, the person in charge of the event will be notified and charged the corresponding repair costs.