A Dinner Full of Love 2018: An Fraternal Encounter


By: Rita Cohen de Castillo, Member of Valley of the Angels’ Board of Directors


The Dinner of Love is a very special event for all those who share the love and wish to support Valley of the Angels; it is a time of encounter, in which the most important thing is to give. This year stressed the participation of Mariana Bosch, a grand example of an eagerness to give and above all else, to give to others the joy of sharing her talents and her disposition to share them especially with our children. Two of our girls sang a song with her, and I know we all enjoyed it very much. It also should be noted that Apostolic Nuncio, Monsenior Nicolas Thevenin, centered his words on the importance of giving and of giving of ourselves. And we can’t forget to mention Father Michael, who, as always, took advantage to grow closer to Christ.

This year, he spoke of the encounter we share with one another. Similarly to how Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi had an encounter with God hundreds of years ago, Valley of the Angels allows for the experience of encountering one another as brothers and sisters to transcend, and these encounters lead us to being better and happier. This is the Dinner of Love: it is an encounter that draws us closer, in which we enjoy giving without expecting anything in return and leave feeling enriched and alive.



“The Dinner of Love is an event where various persons share ideas and where they observe the immense love they feel for the kids here at Valley of the Angels, not only contributing material things, but also spiritual gifts, since they help us grow as people. It was a very beautiful experience for me because I could personally attend to those invited to the event as thanks for all the help that each of them has given so that we could continue to grow in educational values that will help me overcome, excel, and help others in the future. Thanks to them, I feel so loved and, above all else, so grateful to God and others.”

-       Mabel, Student at Valley of the Angels


“The Dinner of Love does honor to one’s name in every detail, in every one of the girls, in ever reflection! It is a beautiful experience that nourishes our hearts and reminds us that the true meaning of life is to give.”

- Marcela Escobar, General Manager of the Perfect Profile and Advisor pro bono of themes of RRHH in Valley of the Angels  


“I believe the recognition of Father Rocco is a confirmation of following the journey laid out for us: to serve and give the best to our kids. It is the most rewarding place, where everyday is full of love that overflows from the heart. To serve and to love is part of this great mission.”

-       Karen Trinidad, Academic Director of Valley of the Angels, Winner of the Father Rocco Award 2018


“One more year of having the blessing of reuniting the Valley of the Angels family to share bread, beautiful song, and other activities to raise funds for our kids!!! It was a great success and we thank God for that.”

-       Ana Maria de Sanchez, Member of Valley of the Angels’ Board of Directors.